A lot of today’s roll laminators share exactly the same kind of electronic technology and also the fundamental idea of laminating is identical but regrettably that’s in which the similarities finish.

Although most laminators share exactly the same kinds of problems, the substitute parts aren’t interchangeable, even inside the same manufacturer family.

Probably the most generally replaced parts may be the on / off switch. There are plenty of versions for this a single part I possibly could write a whole article on just power school laminating film. You will find lighted and non lighted, snap in, screw in type, single throw, double throw and so much more. How can this be part so vulnerable to failure. From my experience within our repair center we’re feeling the switches they are under rated for the quantity of amps they pull. This will cause the switches to fail early and sometimes.

Rollers would be the second most generally replaced item on the listing of common failures. To be able to have smooth even laminations your rollers should be free from debris and then any imperfections. Rollers will dry up and be brittle with time because of the constant heat they’re exposed to, but oftentimes roller failure is a result of negligence through the finish user.


Once the laminating film is loaded incorrectly to the laminator and also the film winds up moving and gluing itself towards the rollers, most finish users run for that utility knife to get rid of the show. Generally whenever a knife regardless of the sort can be used to get rid of the show sequence can also be cut or nicked. Once this happens there’s no fix apart from to exchange the rollers.

Control Boards would be the next on the listing of generally replaced parts. The Control Boards would be the brains of today’s Roll Laminators. They control nearly every purpose of the device from warm-up time, to temperatures. Why is this kind of failure so costly to correct is the fact that there’s not a way to correct these boards from the component level. Info on components isn’t shared through the manufacturers, that make it virtually impossible to correct these boards.


Schematics which are deliver to laminators only provide wiring diagrams they reveal no schematics for circuit design or function. Heat is definitely the worst enemy from the control boards and since there’s no proper ventilation to those vital components during a period of time they fail.

So which laminator is easily the most reliable. I can not really say without a doubt because there are a lot of variables involved. But from the prospective of repairs, GBC Roll Laminators are probably the most costly to correct, in which the USI models tend to be cheaper to correct.